Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Hello all!

If you're reading this, then you may have missed the memo!  I just launched my website, www.thestarsmasher.com, which is where I'll be hosting my blog from here on out.  Blogspot was fantastic, but now I want to focus on more than the blog, so the evolution was necessary.  All of my past blog posts are already up, along with my newest update.  Every form of social media that I use is there, and, soon, I'll have a links page to other sites I'm published on and an image gallery to show off my gaming accomplishments/shenanigans.

Thanks to everyone that read my blog early on, especially Legendary Blades and the Scruffy Ninja crew!  You guys encouraged me to keep doing what I love and helped boost my confidence.  And thanks to my wife, Lilly Hammer, who continues to support me and reminds me to not be so harsh on myself.

Hope you all enjoy the website, and I look forward to the future!


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