Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Destiny's Bid To Keep It Fresh

What a way for Bungie to make me put my foot in my mouth.

As most already know, Bungie announced on their official site that there will finally be new content that's expected to release April 12th.  This will include missions, weapons, and a new strike, among other things.  If you haven't already, go check out their posts; they've already done a video last week on their Twitch account with details, and they're doing one today and next week (Wednesdays) at 11am Pacific.

I'm glad that Bungie has been working on new ways to keep Destiny filled with new content.  If you've been keeping up with my blog, you know that, while I love Destiny as a whole, I feel that it has been going downward after the honeymoon period with The Taken King expansion wore off.  It seems that they've also revealed that they're working on the next version of the game (Destiny 2, I suppose, until they reveal otherwise,) so it makes sense that they've been keeping a tight lip about their goings on.

What has me hyped at the moment is that there will be an update to the Prison of Elders arena; something that I believe should have happened back last September.  It seems that Skolas and the rest of the degenerates that hang around the Reef are going to get even meaner.  I'm excited about the challenge, but I'm already dreading the time investment on this boss alone...I recall dying a ridiculous amount of times before taking the Kell of Kell down.  However, it all seems to be worth the headache with gear dropping at light level 320 (or, on the harder mode, 335.)

I won't say too much more here and just urge you to take a moment and watch the videos...but it looks like they're going to be kicking and screaming to keep their players entertained until next year.  My only concern is that this will be the last significant update until Destiny 2 drops sometime in 2017.  Of course, Bungie might have something else up it's sleeve, but we just won't know until later this year

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