Thursday, March 17, 2016

Over The Top

Recently, I finished watching one of my favorite anime series for a third time: Gurren Lagann.  The plot is fairly simple; two guys, who've been literally living under rocks (OK, it's an underground city) find their way to the surface to discover that it's crawling with monsters.  Surviving is rough in this wasteland...unless, of course, you happen to stumble upon a giant robot suit.  Things get intense rapidly, and the show continues to escalate the battles to insane heights...such as a battle involving hurdling entire galaxies at each other.

This had me thinking; why aren't there more games like this?  Crazy, over the top, nonstop action would be killer, if done well.  What I mean by that is that it would have to be entertaining enough to keep my attention longer than 10 minutes, as well as have enough story and depth that would leave me wanting more well after the final boss fight.  

There are a couple of games that go after this idea, like Mad World and Deadpool, but none embody the idea I'm going for quite like Asura's Wrath.  From free falling from space to fight a giant tentacled monster, to destroying a god-like being that's bigger than the planet (and that's just the first 20-30 minutes!) this game keeps the adrenaline pumping throughout.  The story is surprisingly good and in no way detracts from the action.  My only lament is that it has a big focus on using the "rapidly tap the A button to defeat the monster" mechanic, but it's forgivable after watching the title character completely demolish anyone and everyone that stands between him and revenge.

I'd like to see that idea taken to the next level.  A game that offers crazy amounts of action, a solid story, and a combat system that's on par with other action games...possibly along the lines of Devil May Cry.  I want to see two overpowered characters clash in an epic battle that's going to shake the planet to its core, then shrug it off like it's nothing because, "OH NO THE EVEN WORSE BAD GUY IS COMING!" but I want it to involve a little more than mashing the same button over and over.  

With the flood of military shooters and medieval RPGs, we need something else tossed in the mix.  Yeah, I like a good round of Call of Duty, and I will always enjoy dying many times in Dark Souls, but I believe we're well overdue for some more insane action games.  Imagine what a company like Capcom or Blizzard could do with such an idea...the hi-jinks and battles would be grand, to say the least!  

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